The First HoH Competition Begins

The first HoH competition of the season got underway. It will last for 24 hours before an HoH is crowned. Full Story.

BBOTT: Daily Recaps

The BBOTT Houseguests Move In

Twelve new houseguests moved into the BBOTT house. In addition to them, BB17's Jason Roy moved in as well. Full Story.


Nicole Wins Part 2 Of The HoH Comp

Nicole defeated James in Part 2 of the Final HoH competition. Nicole and Paul will now face off on finale night. Full Story.


Paul Wins Part 1 Of The HoH Comp

Following Corey's eviction, Part 1 of the Final HoH competition took place. Paul won, securing himself a spot in Part 3. Full Story.


Paul Wins The Power Of Veto

Paul won the Power of Veto after nominating Corey and Nicole. The plan is to have James vote Corey out. Full Story.


Nicole Does Not Use The PoV

Nicole decided not to use the Power of Veto, leaving Corey's nominations of Paul and Victor in place. Full Story.


BBCAN4 Finale Interviews

We caught up with the cast of Big Brother Canada 4 the day after the finale to get their thoughts on the season. Full Story.


Nikki Grahame Exit Interview

After leaving second in the double eviction, Nikki expressed that she was most surprised by Tim voting against her. Full Story.


Skye Wheatley Interview

We caught up with BBAU's Skye Wheatley to get her thoughts on the season. Click here to watch the interview.


Favorite Houseguest (Week 1)?


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Ryan Ginns Wins BBAU 2014