Big Brother: Over The Top - Morgan Willett Exit Interview

December 2, 2016

You told Jeff that you were in shock that you won and you only thought you had a 1% chance of winning. What do you think ended up going right for you?

Morgan: I think me pulling out those wins at the end really kind of fuelled me and showed America that I did deserve to be there. My biggest fear the whole entire game was I’m going to get dragged to the end and someone is going to carry me to the end and I’m going to piggyback on them. I just didn’t want to do that. I wanted to get to the Final 3 by winning my way and showing that I do deserve to be there. I think that is why I got the votes. The fact that I was the underdog I think definitely did help. I am still very surprised that I won. I really thought that Jason had it in the bag, but you don’t know what America thinks. I haven’t been watching the episodes. I don’t know how people have been portrayed. It will definitely be very interesting to watch and see what America was thinking, cause I was in the house thinking they hated me. I was America’s Nominee and the last one standing as America’s Nominee so I think that’s why I thought I had such a low chance. You never know what America is thinking.

In his interview with Jeff, Jason said that you had the easiest road. What is your response to that?

Morgan: I don’t think I had the easiest path to the end. I think I had more ups and downs than any person in this game. Honestly, I think Jason had the easiest path. Yes he was targeted a couple of times but he pulled himself off the block and he never had to really stress out and be on the block thinking he was going home. The one time he was sitting on the block eviction night, he knew Danielle was going home. I don’t think he had a hard road at all. For me, I went from being the very first have-not, thinking America hated me, to winning a veto and then the next couple weeks I had to see my sister go home and then I got America’s Care Package. I won HoH but Shelby went home on my HoH, then I was a have-not by myself again and then I was the last America’s Nominee. For me, it wasn’t an easy road. I know Jason thinks because I had a sister in the house it made everything so much easier. In reality, having a sister in the house made it so much more difficult. Not only were we constantly trying to hide a secret, but you are not only worrying about yourself and only focusing on your game. You are also worrying about your sister and making sure she is okay. I didn’t want to see her go home. She was not only my ally and alliance member but my sibling. To have to not only be like here is my game plan for the week but “what can I do to make sure Alex is safe?”. It definitely was a long road. Jason might think it was easy having a sister. I just want to tell him if you were in our shoes, I think you would think very differently.

You ended up being the only one in your alliance to make it to the end. You didn’t have to deal with a split vote and had the backing of all of the fans of you alliance. Would you ever have considered taking Shelby out for that reason?

Morgan: You know, I thought about that but luckily I never got to that situation. Even when I got to the Final 5 with Shelby, I knew she was a big threat to win the game. Even then I wasn’t ready to cut her yet cause everyone in my alliance was so loyal to me and I was trying to play the game where I had to be loyal back to them. Had Shelby gone with me further, I definitely would have had to think about that cause I think she would have won against me. Luckily I was never put in that position where I had to. Everyone in my alliance was always one step ahead of me as a bigger target, which actually really worked in my benefit. I never got to the moment where we personally had to kick one of them out.

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