Big Brother: Over The Top - Jason Roy Exit Interview

December 2, 2016

A lot of people were surprised by last night’s results. Why do you think that you ended up losing to Morgan?

Jason: I think Morgan is just a really nice girl. Because America is the decider this year, we sort of fell into bitter jury territory, Danielle Reyes territory. Jason was just a bit meaner and said meaner things. Morgan was a nice, sweet, beautiful girl. She is definitely the Lisa and I am definitely the Danielle. Sometimes it turns out that way. America was kind of a bitter jury you could say. I think in the future people would probably not allow the same kind of thing to happen. Now five years from now, people will watch OTT back and go “oh my gosh, why did Morgan win? This makes no sense. She was not playing as hard as Jason. Blah blah blah blah”. Hopefully it will keep OTT winners a little bit more justified in the future.

Do you think you underestimated the jury management in a sense that America was the jury and all of the houseguests that you made negative comments about had fans of their own who would be voting for the winner?

Jason: The game is a game of negative comments. Everyone that knows me in real life knows that I am not afraid to say anything. If people really want to take that I am saying negative comments about their faves (as reason to vote against him) then it is what it is. I have no regrets. I would rather be myself even if it is showing all of my flaws and all of my messiness. I would rather go in there and have a personality than plaster on a face of makeup and act like everything is turtle doves and roses. That is sort of what we got from a lot of those girls. They did not show a lot of personality and they did not give themselves to the game. They just sort of went there and made sure that they looked pretty for all of the pictures.

Your alliance decided to evict Alex over Morgan despite the fact that she had already received a care package. As someone who had established a bit of a working relationship with Alex, why did you let that happen?

Jason: You know, I wanted to remove Scott cause I felt working with Alex would be easier and more beneficial to me without Scott. Once Scott was gone, I kind of tried to check in with Alex. I basically got nothing from her. When America gives you a gift with something like that, you have to consider it. Out of my alliance, I did not have a vote. I told Kryssie, Justin and Danielle, the three that did, on many occasions before Wednesday “guys, just consider we could change this. We could keep Alex, we could send Morgan home”. I wasn’t even necessarily thinking the care package was the end all, be all. I just didn’t want us to do what so many other players do, which is put their blinders on and forget to figure out all options. I didn’t want us to get stuck on Alex. As I brought that up to all three of them, it was like “nope nope nope, she’s going” so it was what it was. I didn’t nominate Alex. Even though I did not necessarily want to target her, it was not really in my hands whether she stayed or not. Justin, Kryssie and Danielle did not have a working relationship with Alex like I did.


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