Big Brother: Over The Top Day 65 - Morgan wins BBOTT

December 1, 2016

The finale of Big Brother: Over The Top kicked off with taped packages about the games of each of the Final 3 houseguests. Following that, the 10 evicted houseguests joined Julie on stage. Julie asked the houseguests for their thoughts on the game, including who they voted for to win. The houseguests voted as follows:

Votes for Morgan (5): Alex, Cornbread, Monte, Scott and Shelby.
Votes for Jason (4): Danielle, Neeley, Shane and Whitney.
Votes for Kryssie (0): None.

Justin told Julie that he did not vote. Julie then informed everyone that the official voting has closed. She revealed that Kryssie finished in 3rd place. Kryssie was then evicted from the Big Brother house. Kryssie said she figured that that would happen. She explained to Julie that she thought it would happen since she was flying under the radar for a long time.

Julie then told Jason and Morgan that the lead has changed back and forth multiple times over the past 24 hours. She called it one of the closest votes in Big Brother history. Julie then revealed that the first winner of Big Brother: Over The Top is Morgan. Morgan won the $250,000 grand prize. Jason finished in second place and won $25,000.

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