Celebrity Big Brother Day 9

February 8, 2018

10:00-11:00 AM: Most of the game talks in the morning were centred around Brandi’s behaviour last night. Omarosa mentioned that Brandi doesn’t seem to remember anything that happened. Keshia wondered if Shannon really told Brandi that Chuck and James were coming after her. Omarosa said people sometimes get drunk and tell the truth. Omarosa said she thinks that Shannon has talked game individually with each of the boys. Afterwards, Keshia spoke to Chuck about what had happened. Chuck said Brandi has either forgotten about what happened, or chose to forget about it, so he is going to drop it unless she talks to him about it. A bit later, Ross and Ariadna spoke to Brandi about what she did last night. He said she kind of threw Shannon under the bus a bit. Brandi reiterated that Chuck and James said they wanted her out. Ross advised her to be careful. Ross said Brandi can go far in the game since people don’t see her as a threat. Brandi disagreed. Ross explained that people likely want to sit next to her at the end since they think they can beat her. Ross admitted he is afraid that Brandi will say something about their alliance. Brandi assured Ross that she would not. She said she had wanted to say the Shannon thing for a while, plus the guys all hate Shannon anyway. Ross said they need Shannon. Brandi agreed. Brandi was also informed that she was a bit rude to Mark last night. She apologized to him, saying she didn’t remember what she had done. Mark said it’s all good and nobody is casting judgment on her over it. Afterwards, Brandi told Ross that Mark really liked the apology, and he kept going on and on about it. She said she meant it but didn’t mean it that much.

12:00-1:00 PM: Feeds returned after a brief outage. The houseguests were informed that there is now a social media station in the speakeasy lounge. The houseguests will be able to type messages of up to 280 characters. Once approved, those messages will be passed on to their social media teams. The houseguests will not be able to receive any replies.

1:00-2:00 PM: In the lounge, Omarosa and Shannon discussed their position in the game. Omarosa said she has comfort in Shannon being that one person she can talk to. Shannon mentioned that Omarosa has been talking to Keshia a lot too. Shannon questioned if they have an alliance. Omarosa explained that she would want to go to the end with someone who wants to go there. She brought up that Keshia was trying to get out of the house at one point. Omarosa said so much of what she has with Keshia is cultural. Omarosa said the two of them have agreed that they will squash any disagreements that they have very quickly. Shannon asked if Omarosa told Keshia that she will not put her up or vote her out. Omarosa replied that she is not going to be the one to put Rudy Huxtable on the block. Omarosa explained that she doesn’t want the black community to have to watch her do that. Omarosa told Shannon that she will have to be the one to take Keshia out if it comes down to the three of them. Shannon brought up her concern that Keshia has something with Chuck. Omarosa assured Shannon that Keshia is just as vested in the girls getting to the end together as they are. Shannon said she thinks that America will be rooting for the girls to do this, and whoever goes against it would not be looked at very well. Omarosa then headed up to the gym where James was working out. James said he didn’t expect to be on the block this early. He asked Omarosa if she is going to go with the flow. Omarosa said she is since the women are so strong and you would have five women and Ross against you if you don’t go with the flow. James said he is nervous to even talk to her about anything if she is simply going to follow the lead. He said he didn’t take Omarosa for that type of woman. Omarosa said she has turned over a new leaf, since she would have blown the house up if she were there a few years. Omarosa told James to keep fighting. He said he will and Omarosa may then find herself in a different position than she is now. Omarosa said she knows that she will be on the block if a man wins HoH. James was puzzled as to why he is a bigger threat than Chuck. Omarosa said he did better in the HoH competition and he is young in the oldest cast in Big Brother history. James argued that he would be a strong player on the side of those who save him. Omarosa said she has a lot to think about. James said he plans to have his numbers grown, and Omarosa might find herself on the smaller side if she stays there. Omarosa headed down to the kitchen. James became the topic of discussion. Keshia said James has not even attempted to engage her in any type of conversation until yesterday even though she is the HoH. Omarosa said James didn’t ask for a vote until just now. Keshia said James can’t expect her to have much sympathy when he is popping off and acting the way he is. Keshia said you can’t just be nice to people or treat people kindly because you need them.

2:00-3:00 PM: James pulled Mark aside in the lounge. He said he has a plan to change the entire game. James told Mark he needs to know if he has his back. Mark said he has to know the plan. James said he will tell him but not yet. James asked if Mark will be in should he be able to change the numbers in his favour. Mark said of course, though he told James that he will have to be sure about it since he cannot be the stray vote. Mark worried that people would not change their minds. James said he will not drag Mark down, and he wouldn’t ask him to be a stray vote. Next up, James spoke to Ross. He told Ross that he will have his back since he needs help in securing two more votes. James said he already has two guaranteed. James told Ross that he can see the two of them going to the end of the game together. Ross said he can see that too. James asked Ross to let him know soon so that he can go an alternate route if he doesn’t have Ross’ vote. Ross said he has to think about it since he is tied to people in the game. In the bedroom, Shannon told Ariadna and Brandi they need to think about their potential plan in the event that there is a double eviction tomorrow. They discussed nominating some combination of Chuck, Mark and Metta. They talked about James being the first to go. Shannon said they have the numbers to flip the script if they want to, though it was agreed that it is too soon for that. In the other bedroom, Ross told Keshia, Marissa and Omarosa that James is going to campaign. Ross suggested that they all try to be kind to him since they already know the outcome of tomorrow’s vote.

3:00-4:00 PM: Ariadna, Keshia, Marissa, Omarosa and Ross talked over the plan for a potential double eviction. While James is the target over Chuck, it was mentioned that it would be best to get Chuck out the next chance they get. Keshia felt bad about leaving Metta in the game for too long when he doesn’t want to be there. She mentioned that he may crack if he stays in the house past Monday. Omarosa said she would like to keep Metta around as long as they will allow her to, given that he is the most malleable of those on the other side. Meanwhile, James and Mark had a brief chat. Mark said he loves Chuck but he knows that James is better for his game. While James didn’t want to let Mark in on his plan just yet, he told Mark that the one thing he could do for him is to reiterate to Metta that he is better for their games.

4:00-5:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, Omarosa told Keshia that Shannon asked her if they have a Final 2. Omarosa said Shannon doesn’t understand that it’s bigger than the game. Keshia and Omarosa agreed that Shannon likely has a Final 2 deal with everyone. However, they said they hope to make it to the Final 6 with the girls. Keshia mentioned thinking that Brandi acted more drunk than she really was last night. Omarosa said she has been in reality television long enough to know that a lot of that was about attention. Omarosa said she wants to win HoH tomorrow because it’s the only way to keep them safe. She told Keshia she expects that Shannon would get backdoored but they would be put on the block together if the other side wins HoH. Omarosa said she doesn’t want to be the one to send Metta home. Omarosa added that she will not be the one to send the brother home. She said everyone else will be on the block before she puts Keshia or Metta up. Omarosa let Keshia know that she will be putting Ross, not Metta, on the block if Chuck and Mark are up and one of them comes down. She called Ross the ultimate floater.

5:00-6:00 PM: Keshia spoke to Metta to find out if he really wants to leave the house. Metta confirmed that he does. Keshia said she will do her best to work behind the scenes in order to get him out, but she wants information from Metta in return for doing so. Keshia began to ask questions about the various houseguests. Metta told Keshia he had a deal with Shannon that he wouldn’t open the bag as long as she would nominate him. Keshia asked if Shannon has a side deal with Mark. Metta said Shannon has side deals with everyone. Metta revealed that the guys are scared of Shannon and think that they have already lost the game since she is going to win. Keshia asked Metta if she can trust him not to put her up if he by some chance wins HoH. Though Metta said he doesn’t want to win it, he said he wants Keshia to decide who goes home if he does win. Keshia agreed as long as it would be kept between the two of them.

6:00-7:00 PM: Keshia filled Omarosa in on her talk with Metta. She confirmed that he does indeed want to go. While Omarosa said she doesn’t want to be the one to put Metta up, they discussed that she could get away with it by explaining that Metta wants to go and people are not putting him up even though he is asking to be nominated. As for Chuck, Keshia stressed that he is someone who can be on their side if they keep him around. Omarosa said she is on board with working with Chuck.

7:00-8:00 PM: Shannon spoke to Ross about potentially flipping the vote in order to save James. Ross said his gut tells him it is too soon to do something like that. Ross told Shannon that their best move would be to pick people from their alliance that they can trust, pull in another one or two people, and form their own group. The six girls and Ross then met up in the bedroom to discuss the plan. They agreed that James needs to go. As for who needs to go second if it’s a double eviction, Brandi and Keshia said Mark. Ariadna, Marissa, Ross and Shannon all voted for Chuck to go. After Keshia and Omarosa left, Shannon said she thinks that they are getting played. She continued to pitch that they should flip the vote in order to save James. Shannon worried that they are playing into Keshia’s hand. Ross didn’t think so. Shannon thinks that Keshia is making a side deal with the guys in order to ensure that she and Omarosa do not go on the block should a guy win HoH. Shannon continued to argue that James is a number for them. Ross said the five of them have done the same thing. Ross let the girls know that James has come to him and he already has a deal with Mark and Metta. Shannon said that’s fine as long as Mark and Metta agree to put up Keshia and Omarosa over them if they help to save James. Ross thought they should target James as planned, but potentially bring Mark in closer to them. Ross and Shannon spoke alone in the bathroom. Ross admitted that he is leaning against keeping James. Shannon said the other side is either Chuck, Metta and Mark, or Omarosa, Metta and Mark if they make the deal with James. Shannon said James’ only move would be to put up Omarosa and Keshia, then they can get rid of Keshia. Shannon said Keshia is more dangerous that Omarosa is since they cannot sit next to Keshia and win. Shannon said if any of them win, they would still put up James and Mark. Ross said they would have to put up Keshia and Omarosa, as they could never keep James without shattering their alliance. Shannon said Keshia is bringing it on herself by not sticking to the alliance. Ross said they could play dumb, vote James out, then take Keshia out the second that their alliance fractures.

8:00-9:00 PM: Shannon had a lengthy chat with James, letting him know that she is running through scenarios in attempt to keep him. Shannon said she is facing a lot of resistance. James said Mark and Metta want him to stay. Shannon said those two would backdoor her, but James said they will follow his lead. James asked Shannon how many people she has. Shannon said there are five of them that would flip if they want to, though it’s an all or nothing thing. The two agreed that they would want to target Keshia if they end up working together. Shannon said she would like to go talk to Omarosa but she is afraid that anything she tells her will go back to Keshia. Shannon revealed that the five she is talking about includes Ariadna, Brandi, Ross and Marissa. She encouraged James to speak with those people in attempt to get their votes. Shannon and James discussed working to the end together. Shannon said she would be happy with a Final 4 deal. James said Ross is someone he would trust in a Final 4. Shannon mentioned that the three of them and Omarosa are the strongest players, and nobody would vote for Omarosa to win the game. After Shannon left the room, James said “that was a twist. A twist that I have been working on for days”.

9:00-10:00 PM: Out in the yard, Ross told Mark about Keshia and Omarosa wanting Shannon to use the veto on Chuck so that they could put Mark up and teach him a less. Ross explained that they were unhappy about Mark saying he might use the veto on James if he wins it. Ross let Mark know that Chuck is the next target, but Keshia was pushing for it to be him instead. They both agreed that Chuck and Keshia may have an alliance. Ross asked Mark if he would be interested in aligning with he and some of the girls. Mark confirmed that he would be on board. Ross then let Mark know that it would be Ariadna, Brandi, Marissa, Shannon and the two of them. Ross headed upstairs. In the gym. James proposed a Final 4 deal to him. He said that Shannon would be included. James also talked about turning the house on Keshia. Ross said he needs to think it over. Ross spoke to Marissa about James’ campaign pitch. He admitted that he is tempted to keep James since they would have the same numbers that they currently do but with stronger competitors on their side. Marissa did not like the idea of turning on Keshia and Omarosa without proof that they are being played by those two. Ross said it would be Keshia, Omarosa and Metta against the rest of them. Marissa said they cannot go black against white. While Ross clarified that colour would not be the reason for the move, he agreed that the optics alone are reason not to do it. Marissa said the person she feels most bad for is Shannon since she is right that she should be making a deal with James right now. They discussed that they will let Shannon know that they cannot keep James.

10:00-11:00 PM: Ross let Shannon know that he cannot keep James. He said it is too risky. Shannon argued that it is their best move. Shannon pointed out that Omarosa is after Ross, and taking out her strongest ally in Keshia will weaken her. Ross added he agrees with Marissa that the optics of it being Omarosa, Keshia and Metta against everyone else are not good. Shannon said she is not against Metta. Shannon made her pitch to Ariadna and Brandi. Ariadna said she thinks she can trust James more than she can trust Chuck. Shannon said it makes her mad that Keshia went behind the alliance’s back to talk to Chuck after she said none of them should talk to Chuck. James then spoke to Ariadna and Brandi to express that he will be loyal to whomever saves him.

11:00-12:00 AM: Marissa told Ariadna and Brandi that keeping James leaves them with the same amount of numbers that they currently have. Marissa also mentioned that Chuck, Keshia and Omarosa might not actually have a deal. Ross joined them and suggested that they ride it out with the seven for as long as possible, then break it off. Shannon continue to make the push to save James. She said she was on board for the girls but Keshia and Omarosa turned first. Ross left the room to speak to Mark. He let Mark know about the potential plan to save James. Mark said he doesn’t think that it would be a bad idea. Ross thinks that James and Shannon would remain the biggest targets for Keshia and Omarosa. Mark agreed. Ross asked that Mark make Omarosa his #1 target, which Mark again agreed to.

12:00-1:00 AM: James spoke to Ariadna, Brandi, Marissa and Ross. Brandi made it clear that they are doing James a favour, so he should not be making it seem like he is offering them a great deal. She said she wishes that James would be a little more humble. Afterwards, Marissa let the alliance know that she is sticking to the original plan. Marissa was frustrated that James would not even look at her while making his pitch. Brandi agreed that James’ delivery was off. Marissa said she has a hard time believing that Keshia and Omarosa have jumped ship. However, she said she will vote with the alliance if they all want to save James. Brandi and Ross both said they need to sleep on it. Ariadna said she thinks that keeping James is the best move.

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