Celebrity Big Brother Day 6

February 5, 2018

During the first sneak peek at the live feeds on Friday, the only game talk was between Marissa, Omarosa and Shannon. They spoke in the bathroom about the girls working together this season. It was discussed that it is only a two and a half week season, so they can been grown adults and take care of each other. Shannon said America will appreciate that the girls are together, as they would be showing everyone that women support each other. Omarosa said she is sick of watching reality TV with girls fighting. Shannon wondered if any of the other girls would turn. Marissa said she doesn’t think so. Omarosa said she would be so upset if that were to happen. Omarosa then assured Marissa and Shannon that she is solid. She pinky swore with both of them.

When the second sneak peek at the live feeds started this evening, Ariadna was talking to Omarosa about the plan for the week. She told Omarosa that Chuck will be grateful to Shannon if they put Mark up, because Shannon has the Power of Veto. Omarosa said they can shake Mark up by putting him up. Ariadna said she likes Mark but does not like what he did during the veto competition. Omarosa said it was “not cool”. Brandi then joined them. Ariadna brought up that Mark was complaining that she pushed her letters together in the spelling veto competition after she had already hit the button, accusing the girls of cheating. Ariadna said the guys are so jealous that they are together. Brandi added that it is a bro mentality, and the guys are being big babies because they are being beaten by girls. Ariadna mentioned that she now sees James differently, as he has become calmer. She thinks that is due to James realizing that he is not in power. Ariadna said she now likes him and doesn’t want him to go. She quickly followed that up by saying “of course I want him to go”. Brandi encouraged Ariadna to stay with the plan. Ariadna said they are staying with the plan for now, seemingly implying that James is the target.

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