Celebrity Big Brother Day 14 - Ari nominates James and Shannon

February 13, 2018

10:00-11:00 AM: While Ari and Marissa were in the storage room, Marissa took the opportunity to ask Ari about her plan for nominations. Ari said she is still going with the plan, referring to James and Shannon. Ari was confused why Ross had told her to nominate Metta and Omarosa. Marissa said she talked to Brandi about that and said no. Marissa added that it’s non-negotiable.

11:00-12:00 PM: Ross brought up to Ari that they are going to make an enemy this week, seeing as one of James or Shannon is going to stay if they both go up together. Marissa spoke up and said it’s the only option. They discussed whether or not James and Shannon should be told they are going up ahead of time. Ari mentioned not giving them a heads up, opting instead to say in her speech that it is not personal, and they are the best competitors in the game. It was discussed that James will become the target if Shannon wins the veto. Ross suggested that they let themselves be heard talking about what Keshia said prior to her exit, in order to get people talking about the James and Shannon situation.

12:00-1:00 PM: James told Mark that in this game you think you have everything figured out, and you are good, until somebody decides to change it and blow it all up. James said he is just hoping that people stick to the plan for the next two evictions. Mark said he hopes so too. James mentioned think that everyone wants Omarosa out next, followed by Metta after that. Brandi and Shannon briefly spoke about nominations. Brandi revealed that Ari is not going to want to put Metta up even if everyone else wants her to. Shannon said her fear is that Metta would then be picked to play for veto and he would save Omarosa. Brandi said they talked to him last night and she doesn’t think that he would do that. Shannon headed downstairs to tell James and Mark that they need to get the group together to talk about nominations since Ari doesn’t want to put Metta up. Shannon mentioned that she gets blamed for everything, so she didn’t want to be the only one discussing it. Shannon told Mark that Brandi is fighting to put James up. She said it’s fine as long as James is next to Omarosa, but they can’t have Metta play in the veto competition. Up in the HoH room, Ari, Brandi, Marissa and Omarosa discussed not letting Omarosa leave Ari’s side. They wanted to block any potential talks between Ari, James and Shannon. Big Brother called Omarosa to the diary room not long after. She didn’t go. When they called her again, she went. Before going, it was decided that Metta would stay in the HoH room until she got back, in order to block any talks.

1:00-2:00 PM: Just outside of the HoH room, Shannon told James and Mark they wont be able to talk about nominations if Metta is in the HoH room. Ari, Brandi, Marissa and Metta watched them on the spy screen. James said he could try to pull Metta way for a workout. Meanwhile, Ari told Metta he can’t leave the HoH room. James headed to Ross to fill him in on what’s going on. He said they wont be able to talk with Metta around. Everyone but James eventually made their way up to the HoH room. Later, Shannon told Ross she knows that Omarosa is trying to get her nominated. Ross then went to Ari to ask if the plan is still the same. She confirmed that it is. They talked about people questioning what the plan is. Brandi said she thinks they need to tell them. Ari said no. Ross said it’s really bold and really draws the line in the house. Ross suggested that he should let Mark know that Shannon is the target, and Ari should let James know that Shannon is the target, right after nominations take place. Meanwhile, James told Mark that Ari will be pissing off Ross and Marissa if she changes the plan, unless Ross is lying to them. James said he doesn’t think that Ross would team up with Brandi unless he thinks he can beat her in the end. Mark told James he thinks they are closer than he thinks. James said everyone would need to be in on a plan to backdoor him in order for it to work. Mark said he thinks Ari would nominate James, not backdoor him. James said that would make her his next target.

2:00-3:00 PM: James told Shannon he thinks that Brandi is in Ari’s ear about getting one of them out. He said it wouldn’t work unless Ross is in on it, cause then they would have Marissa, giving them enough numbers to take out a strong player. The two discussed that they plan to stay loyal to their four person alliance with Marissa and Ross. They agreed that they need to have a meeting to reiterate that. Shannon thinks Omarosa has been hanging out in the HoH room in hope of getting them to turn on she and James. Shannon said she woke up feeling like people were going to turn on them. Shannon said if they want to get her out, she is going to go home and not even fight. Shannon said they cannot do anything if they are nominated together, unless they win the PoV. Once everyone left the HoH room, Omarosa told Ari that Shannon stormed out, not saying bye or anything. Ari figured that Shannon knows what’s going on. Omarosa said she wasn’t going to leave the HoH room. Ari told her to stay.

3:00-4:00 PM: James, Ross and Shannon spoke in the bedroom. James said that unless someone in their four person alliance turns, Ari wont have the numbers to make a move against them. Shannon pointed out that she could nominate two of them. Shannon said she knows that Brandi is in Ari’s ear. James said it will make them the next targets if they turn. Ross asked why a group of seven can’t just stay together. James said he thinks Ross has the most influence with them, so he asked him to talk to them before nominations. Ross agreed. After Ross left, James and Shannon discussed that they were excited for Ari to win HoH. Shannon said Omarosa wont leave the girls alone, and she doesn’t have it in her anymore. James said Shannon has to snap out of it. He assured her that he has her back and they will fight to save them. Shannon cried, saying she is tired of being attacked. She said she hasn’t had any friends in the house, making it lonely. James said it comes with the territory when you are as capable and intelligent as she is. James mentioned that Marissa is acting weird. Shannon said Marissa wouldn’t look her in the eye, which she was told before coming into the house means that you are going on the block. James headed to the gym to speak to Metta. He asked if Metta has spoken to Ari to get her to send her home. Metta said they all know she wants to go. James said he doesn’t think Ari is nominating Metta, so he should talk to her. James added that Brandi is trying to screw things up. Metta said he will talk to Ari. Ross later went to James, telling him he was told that they want to go after strong players. James said that most likely means Shannon and himself. Ross agreed. James brought up that he wanted to get to the end with their four. However, he told Ross that he doesn’t see himself beating any girl at the end. James implied that he would like to go to the end with Ross. Ross let James know that he does not want him to go home if he is nominated next to Shannon. Ross reported back to Ari and Brandi about his conversation with James. Brandi pointed out that she has seen Ross talking to their side and to the other side, potentially washing his hands of this decision. She made it clear that this is a collective decision and not just Ari’s decision. Ross told the girls that he is all in and willing to draw the line. They then talked about Ross continuing to keep his relationships with the other side in case they need to take advantage of them at some point when they are not in power. The three agreed that Shannon is the target over James. Ross asked if he can tell James he doesn’t think that he is target. Ari and Brandi said yes.

4:00-5:00 PM: Ross told James he doesn’t think that he is the target. James asked if he thinks that it is Shannon. Ross said yeah. James said he will say nothing to Shannon. James again brought up that he has trusted Ross since the beginning, adding that he is the only one who he knows has not thrown him under the bus. James asked if he will be nominated next to Shannon. Ross said he believes so. James said that Ari and Brandi will be making an enemy out of him if they do that, even if Shannon is their target. Ross said he went to the girls and suggested that they nominate Metta and Omarosa. James debated trying to talk them out of it, but he ultimately decided that he would rather go up initially than be backdoored. Ross asked James not to tell Shannon about this conversation. James said he can’t tell her anything anymore. James told Ross he is the only person that he trusts at this point.

5:00-6:00 PM: The nomination ceremony took place. Ari nominated James and Shannon for eviction. When feeds returned, Shannon was visibly upset in her bedroom. Brandi explained that she can beat Omarosa easier than she can beat either James or Shannon. Brandi also said that it looks as though Shannon has an alliance with James and Mark. Shannon said that’s not true. She mentioned how excited she was that Ari had won HoH. Shannon insisted that she has not gone against the group. Brandi said Shannon is one of the best players there and has been right about every single thing that is going to happen. Ari, Marissa and Ross eventually joined them. Shannon told them all that she had their backs and has fought for them. Shannon didn’t understand why they would think she is such a threat when she is on their side. Brandi said James and Shannon are the two best players in the house. Shannon argued that she is alone, but Brandi kept saying that she has James. Shannon told the group that she has felt like the outcast who has no one, and she has been a target from Day 1. Shannon said she doesn’t know what she can do to make hem like her. Shannon told Ari she did not expect this from her. Brandi said it not from Ari. She said it was agreed upon. Marissa also spoke up to say that it wasn’t just Ari. Shannon said Ari made it clear that it was all of them, presumably in her speech. Brandi told Shannon that things probably would have went the same way no matter who won HoH, unless it was her or James. Shannon continued to bring up that she would not have done this to them. Brandi said Shannon is almost overplaying, which has contributed to her becoming a target.

6:00-7:00 PM: Omarosa entered the room that Shannon and the rest of the group were talking in. Shannon asked her to leave. Omarosa said she will not be dismissed, at which point Shannon said she will address her directly then. Shannon told Omarosa she pulled a card that was completely untrue and does not need to be repeated. Shannon also brought up that she has not talked any game with Omarosa since she returned from the hospital. Omarosa said that’s not true. Omarosa then went on to say that she was gracious and respectful while on the block. Brandi spoke up to say that Omarosa said some things that were so below the belt. When Shannon again brought up that Omarosa said something wrong and below the belt, Omarosa said she is not going to contribute to the stress that Shannon is having. Instead, she told Shannon that if anyone can figure this out, she can. Shannon brought up that she has played a straightforward game since she told people about her deal with Omarosa. Shannon said they are giving her too much credit. Brandi said they are wrong if that’s the case, but you are allowed to make mistakes in the game. When Omarosa said Shannon knows the game better than anybody, Shannon said that’s BS. Shannon said Omarosa goes on Big Brother blogs and talks about the show. Shannon pointed to Omarosa, Marissa and Ross as people who know the game. Shannon eventually said she is not even going to fight. Marissa told her to fight and play the game that she loves. Shannon said she doesn’t love it anymore, and she wont be able to watch it again after this. Shannon talked about not even having a friend to talk to in there. Brandi said she has had great talks with her. Marissa and Ross said the same. Brandi explained that everyone loves Shannon. She said it is not personal, but they are in awe of her and know that they cannot beat her. Brandi said none of them can beat Shannon one on one but they can possibly get her out as a group now. Shannon apologized for crying. She said she shouldn’t cry over a game but she really wanted to stay there with them and she thought that things were much calmer since she stopped trying to play and do things.

8:00-9:00 PM: Players were picked for the veto competition. The veto players are Ari, James, Shannon, Brandi, Omarosa and Ross. Metta told Ari, Brandi, Marissa and Omarosa they need to get James out. Brandi expressed that she is not happy with how cocky James is. They talked about Shannon being broken, though Omarosa said she is a good actress. They agreed to see how the veto competition plays out before making a final decision.

9:00-10:00 PM: James told Shannon the group was blown up for no reason. Shannon said they claimed it was cause they think the two of them have a Final 2. James said they are just making up reasons cause they did it for no reason. He said Omarosa is no longer going to be leaving next, as they have become his next targets. Shannon let James know that it was apparently a group decision, as Marissa and Ross admitted to being in on a vote for these nominations. James credited Omarosa for being able to turn “weaker minds”. James thinks Omarosa got to Brandi first, then Brandi got to Ari. James said he will try to get Brandi out well before Ari. Outside, Ari, Brandi, Marissa, Omarosa and Ross discussed the vote. Brandi said Metta could be right about keeping Shannon. Ross said Shannon knows the game better than anybody. Omarosa added that she is a great actress. Marissa also went against the idea of keeping Shannon. Later, James asked Ross what Shannon was talking about when she said Ross confessed. Ross said there was no vote about nominations. He insisted that what he had said earlier was true. James said he understands that Ross has to go along with the plan even though it’s not what he wants.

10:00-11:00 PM: When Brandi once again brought up the idea of saving Shannon, Ross quickly said no. He told her they cannot change the plan halfway through after they risked a lot to support it. Brandi admitted to having told Shannon that she would use the veto on her. Ross asked if she really would. Brandi said no. She explained that she wanted Shannon to think she has someone on her side in case she wins. Omarosa and the rest of the girls joined. Omarosa suggested that Shannon will be out for vengeance if she stays, whereas James can at least be reasoned with. However, she said she will vote whichever way they want her to. It was agreed upon that Shannon has to go.

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