Big Brother 19 Day 85 - Paul wins the Power of Veto

September 13, 2017

5:00-6:00 PM: During tonight’s special eviction episode, which was taped yesterday, Alex was evicted by a vote of 2-1. Christmas voted to evict Alex. Paul voted to evict Kevin. Josh was then forced to break the tie. He voted to evict Alex. Paul then went on to win the Final 4 HoH competition. Julie announced that voting for America’s Favorite Houseguest is now underway. You can cast your vote here.

9:00-10:00 PM: Feeds returned after being down since Tuesday morning. We found out that Paul has nominated Josh and Kevin for eviction. Paul won the Power of Veto. Paul will get to choose which of the other three houseguests will cast the sole vote to evict during tomorrow night’s live eviction episode. Paul spoke to the cameras in the APSR. Paul said this season was super difficult. He said he enjoyed the fact that he was forced to play a different game. He said it pushed him and he had to play a strategic game. Paul said he couldn’t constantly be in survival mode like he was last season, so he had to remain 10 steps ahead. Paul said he had people do his dirty work, blow up and so on. Paul acknowledged that pretty much everything he wanted to have happen has happened in this game. Paul said he had millions of conversations to make sure that he was covered on all angles. Paul said his plan is to take Josh to the end. He thinks going up against Josh will give him his best chance to win. Paul brought up that he didn’t ever touch the block even though he was the only vet and the biggest target.

10:00-11:00 PM: Paul continued speaking to the cameras. He said he isn’t sure how he is being perceived or what people think. Paul said he “never cared” but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t think about it. Paul talked about having to play a different game this season. He isn’t sure if people liked it or hated it. He said it hopefully wont matter if he wins the game. Christmas joined him. Paul said he can’t believe that this week played out the way it did. He said it was exactly like it was supposed to be. Paul said they talked all along about making it to three with Josh, clipping Kevin in the Final 4. Christmas asked if Kevin has said anything to Paul. Paul said no. Paul thinks that Kevin has given up. Paul told Christmas the dots will connect when she says whatever she is going to say while casting her vote. Christmas thinks Kevin is hoping to stay but he is kind of expecting not to.

12:00-1:00 AM: Paul talked to Josh about Part 2 of last season’s final HoH competition. Paul told Josh he already beat Christmas in the last mental competition but he should start memorizing random trivia such as who got the have-not extension. Paul said they will not change the competitions just for Christmas. Paul told Josh he has got to win. Josh said he will. Paul said he feels confident that he would beat Christmas in Part 3, though it’s a guessing game. Paul said they will both lose next to Christmas in the Final 2. Josh agreed. They agreed that Christmas hasn’t pissed anybody off. Josh said even though he is screwed next to both of them, he didn’t walk in with $50,000. Paul said he feels the same way. Josh said it feels good since Christmas keeps saying she doesn’t care which of the three of them win it. Josh said he feels the same way. Paul brought up that the two of them have been together since Day 1. Paul swore on his family that he will take Josh to the end. He asked Josh to do the same. Josh swore.

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