Big Brother 19 Day 79 - Jason and Raven are evicted; Josh wins HoH

September 7, 2017

6:00-7:00 PM: During tonight’s double eviction episode, the vote came down to a tiebreaker. As planned, Christmas voted to evict Jason. Jason quickly exited the house without saying goodbye to anyone. Alex then won HoH. She nominated Kevin and Raven for eviction. Josh won the Power of Veto. He decided not to use it. Raven was then evicted by a vote of 2-1. Christmas and Paul voted to evict Raven. Josh voted to evict Kevin. Julie revealed to the viewers that Wednesday will be a special eviction episode. She then revealed that Celebrity Big Brother will air this winter.

7:00-8:00 PM: When feeds returned, Josh told Paul he will lose it if Alex says something to him. He said his heart is broken. Josh mentioned not being able to send her home. Paul told Josh to stop it. He said Alex and Kevin have to go up, then he and Christmas will vote Alex out. Paul said the worst case scenario is if Alex wins the veto. Paul said he will beat her if it’s BB Comics, which it will be. Paul thanked Josh, saying that he would be gone if he didn’t have him. Josh said he had Paul’s back this whole season. Josh asked if they are going to say that they don’t want to fight, as they earlier had faked a fight. Paul said to mention to Alex that they will keep it cordial since they have a mutual target in Kevin. Alex joined them. Josh let her know that Jason told him an hour before the live show that he doesn’t have his back and he wont protect him. Alex asked whose plan it was to get Josh and Raven to vote Jason out. She asked if it was Kevin. Josh said Kevin has been in everybody’s ear. Alex said if they are going to backdoor her, she wants to be told. Paul told her to stop. Alex said she doesn’t want to cry. Paul then spoke to Kevin. He told him not to win HoH. Kevin asked if he is going up again. Paul said maybe. When Kevin asked if it would be next to Alex, Paul nodded. Kevin said okay. Paul reported back to Christmas and Josh that Kevin plans to throw the competition. Josh asked who was talking to Kevin earlier, because he knew their plan and explained it to Jason. Christmas said Kevin told her that he was speculating. Paul told Josh to never question his team. He said Kevin is smart. Christmas said Alex had a point about giving her the same decency that they did Mark. Josh said he will not blindside her. Paul said Josh can put Alex and Kevin up next to each other, then he will win the veto and not use it. Josh said they have to all tell Alex after the veto competition that she is going home. Josh clarified that he wants all three of them to do it. Paul said okay. Christmas said it will be a unanimous vote. Paul then went to Kevin to tell him to drop out first since they are giving HoH to Christmas. Kevin asked if he is going up. Paul said they might have to. He explained that Kevin cannot win this week since they need to both be competing next week. Kevin said it’s a done deal. Paul said they will have very different arguments at the end, since Kevin can say he got there without having to win anything. Kevin admitted that Paul had him nervous when he used the veto and put him on the block. Paul told Kevin to look where he is now. Kevin asked if the Final 3 will be the two of them and Christmas. Paul said 100%. Paul then spoke to Alex who told him that he is the only one she trusts at this point. Alex said one of them are next if the other three win HoH. Alex told Paul that for a second she thought “what if he is playing me too?”, in reference to Paul. The two told each other that they want the other to win if they are evicted. Both said they will fight for each other in jury. Alex told Paul she wants them to be in the Final 2. She call him her ride or die now. Alex said she wants them to hang out and be friends. Paul told her to stop saying that since it will happen no matter what happens in the game.

10:00-11:00 PM: Feeds returned following the HoH competition. Josh won HoH. Kevin told Paul he did what he asked, implying that he threw the competition. Kevin said it would have been easy. Paul pointed out that he is still there. He said he knows what he is doing. Kevin asked Paul to tell Josh to put someone else on the block. Paul said he will.

11:00-12:00 AM: Paul told Christmas he had told Kevin the plan was for her to win. Paul said if Kevin asks what happened, she should say that she was trying to win but she got it wrong. In the kitchen, Paul assured Kevin that everything is fine. He told Kevin not to worry. Kevin asked if he will be going on the block. Paul said he doesn’t know. Kevin said he would have nominated Alex and Christmas had he won. Kevin insisted that he could have won HoH. Paul said it was best that they didn’t win. Kevin said they can’t let Alex win the veto. Paul said that’s what’s important, so focus on that. Kevin said he and Christmas will be on the block if Alex wins. Kevin asked if Paul would send him home. Paul said no. He told him to quit asking. Kevin later asked Josh if he is going to put him up. Josh nodded. Josh told Kevin he still loves him but they cannot talk much. Kevin said he knows that. Christmas, Josh and Paul discussed that Alex has to go this week. Paul said the best case scenario is that Kevin wins the veto. Josh said Kevin needs to think that he and Paul are against each other so that he will throw the Final 4 HoH. Paul said Kevin is not that stupid. Paul suggested that Josh blow up on Kevin at that point. Josh said all of them could. When Paul told Josh he could question if Kevin thinks his family is going to be proud of him, Josh said he would never do that.

12:00-1:00 AM: Kevin thanked Christmas for everything. He said he has her back until the end no matter what. Kevin said he thought Christmas was going to win HoH. Christmas said she tried but she messed up. She said it was not a competition that you could easily throw. Christmas let Kevin know she doesn’t mean to be distant, but it’s best for everyone. Kevin said he understands. Christmas, Josh and Paul then discussed the plan for in the event that Alex wins the veto. While they agree that Kevin would have to go, there was discussion about who to nominate. Christmas offered to go up. She thought Paul would get voted out. Once she realized that they control the votes, she told Paul it would make more sense to have him go up since it would appear to drive a bigger wedge between Josh and Paul. Paul argued that it will be a 2-0 vote if Christmas is up next to Kevin. Christmas then told Josh to put her up.

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