Big Brother 19 Day 72 - Matt is evicted; Christmas wins HoH

August 31, 2017

6:00-7:00 PM: During tonight’s live eviction episode, Matt was evicted by a vote of 6-0. That included the penalty vote that he received for breaking the have-not rules for the past four days. Due to a rain delay, the HoH competition did not take place. Julie confirmed that the finale will take place on Wednesday September 20th. Next Thursday will be a live double eviction.

8:00-9:00 PM: Feeds returned following the HoH competition. Christmas won HoH. When feeds returned, Paul hugged Raven and told her he has got her. Paul said now she can compete next week. Raven said “Paven!”. Christmas and Raven then spoke. Raven said she is going to sleep upstairs after nominations. In the bedroom, Josh and Paul celebrated the win. Kevin asked Christmas if everything is cool. She said yes. Kevin pointed out that the was with her from the beginning. Christmas said she knows. Alex spoke to Christmas to say that backdooring Kevin is pretty much useless at this point since almost everyone plays in the veto competition anyway. Meanwhile, Paul told Kevin not to ask any questions. Paul said Kevin is not going up. He said it’s best if Kevin doesn’t know what’s going on. Kevin reminded Paul that he jumped off first and embarrassed himself. Paul thanked Kevin. He said his word is his word. Kevin said his is as well. Paul told Kevin to relax. Alex later spoke to Paul. She let him know that she told Christmas to nominate her next to Kevin.

9:00-10:00 PM: Kevin asked “I am not going to go up, am I?”. Christmas promised him and asked him to trust her. Christmas told Kevin she needs him to keep acting paranoid like he is doing. Paul then spoke to Christmas. He said Kevin told him he didn’t want to lose to a girl in the competition. Paul said he told Kevin to drop out in the first round or else he will win HoH and send him home. Paul mentioned that the smartest thing is to put Alex and Jason up. Christmas agreed. Christmas talked about revealing that she is targeting Jason in order to be straightforward about the plan. After nominations, Paul said he will tell Alex and Jason that he thinks Christmas is trying to backdoor him. He said he will make stuff up such as that Christmas was getting close to him in order to make sure that he wouldn’t suspect this move. Paul said all he cares about is making sure that Christmas, Josh and himself are safe. Paul told Christmas she can draw the line with Jason since his going, or he and Josh can protect her if he ends up winning the veto. In the APSR, Kevin said the only one on the same level for him is Paul. He said whoever is up next to Jason is in big trouble, cause he will vote against that person. Kevin said Jason and Paul will not end up on the block together this week. Jason agreed. Kevin asked if it’s the same for him as long as Alex is not nominated next to him. Jason said yes. Kevin said he cannot let him go before Josh or Raven. Kevin said he has never done the opposite of what he said he would do. Paul spoke to Josh, telling him that he needs to calm down and stop being so excited. Paul said he will start telling people that he thinks he will get backdoored. Paul said they cannot make it obvious that the three of them are together. Paul said Josh or Raven should win HoH next week, but he will win if they can’t pull through. Paul told Josh he is going to keep being a dick to him for a bit in order to make it look like they are not together. Paul said he might get clipped in the next two weeks. Josh said he will not be clipped. Josh said he will offer to go up if someone talks about using Paul as a pawn. Paul said they will be putting him up to target him, not as a pawn. Josh disagreed that people will want to do that, but he said Paul cannot go on the block or else he is screwed.

10:00-11:00 PM: Paul told Josh that they need to get Jason out this week 100%. Josh agreed. He said Jason will go berserk if Alex leaves. Josh said they will be screwed if Alex leaves over Jason, since Jason and Kevin will link up. Raven joined them. They discussed that Alex is is so cocky. Raven said she keeps talking about jury votes. Josh said Alex was the other vote to evict Matt. Paul said 100%. Josh said they did it in order to get Mark’s jury vote. Paul headed out to the other room. Kevin told him that if the king and queen, Alex and Jason are on the block, one of them is gone. Kevin said they are the two best players aside from Paul. Paul and Kevin discussed that they gave each other their word at the beginning of the game. Paul said that’s all that he needs. Kevin said they are going to get a restaurant together after the show. Kevin suggested getting Alex out this week, because Jason will have their backs 100%. Later, Paul told Christmas that they need Raven to nominate Alex and Kevin if she wins HoH next week. Christmas started to say what they need to happen if Alex wins HoH. Paul said there is no if, since he is not letting her win. Christmas said she has to nominate Kevin and Raven if she wins. Paul said Alex will probably put him up next to someone. Paul followed that up by saying he thinks he will go home if he is put on the block. Christmas and Raven talked about the Tree of Temptation. Raven thinks Alex and Jason will be scared to go for it since they wont want to potentially sit out of next week’s HoH competition. Raven said Alex has no idea about what’s about to happen. Raven said Alex threw the HoH competition. Christmas agreed. Christmas said it’s going to be a bloodbath for the veto.

11:00-12:00 AM: Kevin told Paul that he will be getting his food made for him for the next week at least, now that Raven is attaching to him with Matt out of the house. Kevin said Raven is wearing her friendship bracelet for the first time. He said Raven didn’t wear it until Matt walked out the door. Christmas said Paul has a new handler. Paul said no. He told them he is going to make Raven sleep in her own bed. Christmas said Raven put the heart shaped pillow that has “Matt” on it in Matt’s place. In the kitchen, Jason asked Josh who is going to be next. Josh said Kevin. Josh mentioned Kevin saying that he is going to turn them all against each other. Jason questioned how he would be able to do that. Jason asked if he is going before Raven. Josh said nobody can stand Kevin anymore, and he has burned so many bridges. He added that Kevin is going to take a shot at Alex if he gets the opportunity to do so.

12:00-1:00 AM: Kevin told Christmas he would never put her or Paul up. He said everyone else has turned on him, including Jason who said they cannot be together anymore. Kevin said Alex yells at him about everything and has been treating him poorly. Christmas said she has seen it. Kevin told Christmas he is staying away from Alex, and she knows where his vote is going to go if she is up there. Kevin told Christmas that Jason said they have separate since his best chance to win is with Alex, seeing as no one can beat the two of them. Christmas assured Paul that there is a plan. She said she knows that Kevin took a leap of faith tonight, referring to him throwing the HoH competition.

2:00-3:00 AM: After Christmas got her HoH room, Christmas and Josh spoke upstairs. Christmas asked why Jason is freaking out. Josh said because Kevin went from thinking he is going home to going back to being the old Kevin. Christmas asked if Jason knew that Alex was going to throw the competition. Josh said yes. Josh told Christmas to think about her game when she decides whether to blindside Alex and Jason by pretending that she will backdoor Kevin, or to be straightforward with who her target is. Paul joined them. Christmas said Jason is freaking out, and she thinks it’s because he thought that Josh was going to win HoH. Josh said Kevin is acting like he is safe, being friendly and telling stories. Paul said his two cents are to put Alex and Jason up, telling Jason he is the target. If one of them wins the veto, Paul said to put Kevin up. Christmas said she is just trying to figure out her reason for Jason. Paul said he is sure that she has tons of them. Christmas said none of them have to do with her foot. Meanwhile, Alex told Jason that they cannot send Raven out this week. She is concerned about what Matt would think. She said she doesn’t want to win next week either, cause she doesn’t want to be the one to send Raven out. Again, she mentioned she is concerned about the jury votes.

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