Big Brother 19 Day 48 - Raven is the replacement nominee

August 7, 2017

9:00-10:00 AM: In the storage room, Christmas told Josh that Mark is using the veto. Christmas said she has a great idea. She said she has a really good speech if Josh puts her up instead of Raven. Josh said he doesn’t think so. Mark broke up the conversation. Christmas and Josh spoke in the bathroom. The first bit of the conversation was off camera. Josh said the diary room asked him if Raven is disposable to him. Christmas said two days Elena said that going up as a pawn makes her feel disposable. Josh said it’s funny she would use those words and then they would say them in the diary room. Josh told Christmas he doesn’t want to put her up. He thinks Matt and Raven will use it against him that he nominated Raven. Christmas said Raven wants to go up now because it’s safer than it will be later on. Josh questioned how stupid it would look if he put his closest ally on the block. Christmas asked if people need to know they are that close. Josh said he will think of something. He added that he is not threatened by Matt and Raven. He said Paul is sick of them too. Before the talk ended, Christmas let Josh know that Paul, Mark and Elena were having fun in the have-not room last night.

10:00-11:00 AM: Kevin told Christmas that he is going to miss Jessica. He said he wishes that everyone didn’t dislike her so much. Christmas said she likes Jessica too but she also has legitimate game reasons for wanting her out. Kevin said that’s a good point since Jessica is the stronger player. Christmas revealed that Josh wants Elena out because he thinks she is the more dangerous player. Kevin disagreed with that. He said to take Jessica out this week, then go after Mark and Matt. Christmas suggested going after Elena next. Kevin said Elena and Raven are not going to win any competitions. Christmas said Raven is a really good competition and she is downplaying it. They also discussed that Raven’s accent is circumstantial. Out in the yard, Cody, Jason and Kevin talked game while doing laps. Kevin asked Cody what he is feeling. Cody said he has nothing if he loses Jessica. Kevin said Cody has them. Cody pointed out that he kept his word to everyone and he very much protected Alex, yet she veered away from him. Kevin advised Cody to look forward rather than look back on what happened in previous weeks. Kevin asked who Cody would nominate if he wins HoH. Cody said anyone he protected who then stabbed him in the back. He expanded on that by saying that all of the couples had said they were going to protect each other until jury, but they didn’t. Cody mentioned he didn’t make a deal with Jason or Kevin, so they didn’t go back on anything. Cody let them know that they will not see much social interaction outside of what they already have. Cody said they will see some unprecedented things if he becomes HoH. Cody also said he cannot believe that nobody has wanted to use him as a weapon for their side up to this point. Afterwards, Cody asked Jessica if she sees a path for him to win the game. Jessica said she always sees a way. She told him it will depend on who wins HoH. She explained that if Cody doesn’t win HoH but wins the Temptation Competition, people are going to be forced to turn on each other. She said that needs to keep happening. Cody said Mark and Elena have now become the safe nominations, which he and Jessica were previously. Cody told Jessica there is no deal he can make that will be secure, considering that everyone has screwed them over in this game. Kevin told Jason that if Cody wins HoH and doesn’t nominate either of them, Alex or Paul, they cannot get mad. If that happens, Kevin said Cody will basically be playing for them and they can wait until 3 or 4 others go before they backdoor him. Kevin said Paul and the others hate Cody so much that they don’t even want to contemplate the idea. Jason said the only reason he was hesitant about it was because of Alex and Paul. Kevin assured Jason that Cody will not nominate those two.

11:00-12:00 PM: While Cody was laughing with Jessica in the kitchen, Christmas loudly commented to Raven in the bathroom that “is that Cody laughing? Wow. Stranger things have happened”. Jessica overheard it and told Cody. Christmas told Raven that unlike some others, she tried to be nice to Cody but he blows her off and closes the door in her face. Christmas questioned if Cody is forgetting the fact that he threw her under the bus and put her on the block. She told Raven that because of her, Cody’s girl is going home this week. She said Jody will not be Jody anymore after Thursday, which makes her feel happy.

12:00-1:00 PM: Feeds returned following the veto ceremony. Mark used the Power of Veto on himself. Josh nominated Raven as the replacement nominee. Up in the HoH room, Matt told Raven that Cody was out walking laps with Jason and Kevin this morning. Raven suggested that Matt join them next time. Josh entered the room. Raven told Josh he owes her now. She quickly followed it up by saying just kidding. Matt told Josh it will work out okay, seeing as there are multiple people who are unhappy with Mark right now. Raven said she is excited since she gets to give a speech to her mom and mention Gastroparesis month. Raven told Josh, Matt and Paul that Elena is talking Jessica and Cody. Paul said some people are just not intelligent. Josh said Elena is not fooling him. Matt said they are either working together or they are the worst Big Brother players of all time. Raven went outside. She came back in and said that Elena got up when she went outside. Raven said Kevin gave her a hug and said that was some BS. Josh asked what was. Matt said the fact that Mark used the veto on himself. Matt said there was not a single pro to Mark’s game for using the veto. Josh said it put him in a predicament and he wants to go off on Mark for it. Christmas agreed that there was no benefit to the move that Mark made.

1:00-2:00 PM: Christmas, Matt and Raven discussed the Cody and Jessica showmance. They expressed their doubts that it will work outside of the house. Christmas said it worked for the show and that’s exactly what Jessica wanted. Christmas said Jessica saw Cody as the hottest guy in the house, then he won the first HoH, so it happened. Matt said he hopes it works out for her since she sacrificed a lot for it not to. Christmas said Jessica gave up half a million dollars to save Cody’s game. Raven said it’s funny to her that she turned Cody down first. Christmas asked what Cody did for her to turn him down. Raven said Cody tried to kiss her. Raven said Cody told her it wouldn’t work out anyway because she can’t have kids. Matt asked if Cody really said that. Matt said he could kill Cody. Matt said there are a lot of good qualities there, and poked fun at Christmas saying earlier that Cody is charismatic at times. At approximately 1:40, a crying baby sound effect was played over the speakers. A voice then said “can someone shut that baby up?”. The houseguests were startled by it and wondered what it means. There was some speculation that it could be for the next HoH competition. Jessica puled Elena aside. She said she thinks production was messing with her and Cody because they were going at it when the baby crying was played. Elena said she really hopes it was subliminal messaging, because that’s funny. At approximately 1:58, a sound effect of a barking dog was played over the speakers.

2:00-3:00 PM: Paul told Jason and Kevin that if this is some kind of twist to save Jessica, he is going to walk out. Kevin agreed that it would be unfair. He said it would mean they want Cody and Jessica there all the time, so they are playing agains the house and you cannot beat the house. Raven later asked if it could be something to do with nominations. Paul said that would be silly. Later, Alex let Paul know that he is making everyone nervous by hanging out with Elena. Paul asked who everyone is. Alex said Christmas and Josh. Alex told Paul that Christmas thinks he is trying to save Elena. Paul said Christmas is an idiot. Jason told Paul that Cody shook on it with Kevin that he will not put them up. Paul said he, Alex and Jason didn’t shake on it, so it doesn’t mean anything. As for this week, Paul said there is no way that Jessica is not going home. Jason said he is voting Jessica out. Paul said Cody and Jessica have got to be split up. Paul later asked Jason if Christmas really thinks he is trying to save Elena. Jason said Paul knows how Christmas is. Paul asked if he should confront her. Jason suggested that he ignore it. Paul explained that he is doing damage control with Elena. Paul the headed outside to talk to Christmas and Josh. Paul said he has been doing damage control with Elena. Christmas asked if that’s why they are stuck together like glue. Paul said yes. Paul said Elena made it clear that she will not jump to Cody if Jessica leaves. Josh brought up that Elena threw everyone’s name out there. Josh said he wanted people to see that. Paul stressed that they see it. Josh said Jessica can go now that it has been noted.

3:00-4:00 PM: Josh continued to talk to Paul about how there is no loyalty from Elena. Paul said he sees that but you have to make her believe that she is safe, then you bite. Josh asked if Paul thinks that somebody is telling Elena his concerns with her. Paul said no way. Josh told Paul to keep making Elena feel safe. Paul assured Josh that Elena will be going next if for some reason they cannot get Cody out. Paul headed inside to talk to Alex. He asked her how she feels about what Kevin is saying about Cody. Alex said it’s a smart backup plan but keeping Cody around is dangerous. Paul said Cody has to go next week before the double eviction. Paul said Alex, Jason, Christmas, Matt and himself are for sure voting Jessica out, so they have the numbers. Paul then spoke to Kevin about his conversations with Cody. Kevin said Cody is putting up Matt and Mark. Paul said there is no way. He thinks Cody would put him up then. Kevin said no. He explained that Cody told him that he is after the two showmances. They discussed that Cody can go if he doesn’t win HoH. Paul told Kevin to make sure that no one is questioning him because of the conversations that he is having with Cody. Paul asked if Kevin is voting Jessica out. He said if that’s what Paul wants. Paul confirmed that he wants that. Kevin said he will vote to evict Jessica.

4:00-5:00 PM: Cody told Kevin he will stay in the have-not room next week since it’s secluded. Kevin said he could win HoH and have that room too. Cody reiterated that he has nothing against Alex and Jason, and he didn’t break his word to them. Kevin said they like him. He said the showmances are the ones he has to get. Cody agreed. Cody said that even with Paul, he didn’t ever make a deal with Paul where Paul went back on his word. Cody pointed out that Paul has never given his word. Cody said his issue is everyone who stabbed him in the back after giving him their word. Kevin said they can have a couple of good weeks. Kevin went inside to speak to Paul. He relayed that Cody said he does not dislike Paul, and he didn’t ever turn on him. Kevin said Cody is going after the two showmances. Kevin said he doesn’t think that Cody is going to lie. Paul said it’s not a bad backup plan. Kevin agreed and said they have to get him if they have the chance. He said they need to get Matt and Mark out too, then nobody will beat Alex and Paul in a competition. At 4:32, a jackhammer sound was played over the speakers.

5:00-6:00 PM: Out in the hammock, Jessica asked Cody if he is voting to evict Raven. He said hell yeah. Jessica said hopefully Kevin will too. Cody said maybe Mark can since he has done nothing for him up to this point in the game. Up in the HoH room, Christmas and Josh discussed that they have no idea what Raven would do if she were in power. Christmas said Raven it becoming aggressive in a negative way. Christmas mentioned that everything is always about Raven and she tries to one up you. Josh let Christmas know he is going to make Paul feel that he is closer to him than to her. The two agreed that the only person they don’t question is each other. Christmas said she sees the two of them, Kevin, Paul, Alex and Jason in the Final 6, with Matt and Raven being the 7th and 8th. Christmas said she thinks it is smartest to get rid of Jessica this week since everyone sees Elena’s BS at this point. Paul came upstairs. He said Elena is paranoid and he is staying closer to her in order to convince her that she is no one’s target. Paul said he thinks Elena will not do anything as long as she feels comfortable. Paul said they have to send Jessica out first, then Elena can go next if they can’t get Cody out.

6:00-7:00 PM: All of the houseguests, except for Cody and Jessica, ate dinner together to celebrate Kevin’s birthday. At 6:31, the sound of drums were played over the speakers. At 6:35, the sound of a lawnmower or an engine was played over the speakers.

8:00-9:00 PM: Mark asked Elena who she thinks Cody would go after if he were to win HoH. Elena said Alex, Raven and Christmas. Mark asked what about Josh. Elena said no. Elena told Mark she expects Cody to nominate Alex and Raven, then put Christmas up if Alex wins the veto. Mark asked Raven knew that she was going up today. Elena said Raven claims she did. Elena figured it would be either Matt or Raven, but she would have guessed Matt. Elena said she thinks it’s going to be a 6-1-1 vote. Mark said he is worried about that since someone will blame the rogue vote on him.

10:00-11:00 PM: Mark asked Elena what she is telling people about them. Elena said nothing. Mark said it must be the way she is acting, but it’s working since people think she doesn’t like him. Mark told Elena that Matt said if he is mean to her, she might like him. Mark said maybe he should try that approach. Mark said she likes him though. Elena asked if he is certain. Mark said he is pretty certain. Elena said “I wouldn’t be”. Mark asks if she kiss guys that she doesn’t really like, seeing as they had kissed earlier in the evening. Elena said sometimes. Mark said Alex, Matt and Raven think he looks like a b*tch.

11:00-12:00 AM: Alex told Kevin she feels like Raven is hanging around more often lately in order to get information. She said she thinks that Raven wants to win HoH so she has control. Alex and Kevin agreed that they can’t let her win. Kevin said they can’t let Mark or Matt win either. As for Cody, Kevin said he is not going to put them up if he wins. Kevin said Cody promised not to put Alex, Jason, Paul or himself up. He said that’s all that he cares about. Alex agreed. Kevin suggested that they could have a couple of good weeks, letting Cody help them take some people out.

12:00-1:00 AM: Kevin asked Alex and Jason who they should put up if they win. Jason said Matt and Elena. If one wins the veto, Kevin mentioned that Mark could go on the block. Kevin headed outside to speak to Paul since they noticed that he seemed down. Alex told Jason that nobody can stop them if they get Cody, Mark and Elena out. Jason asked what the smartest move is. Alex said Kevin has a good point that they could bring Cody on board for a week to take a shot at Matt and Raven, then they get him out right after that when safety is no longer in play. Alex mentioned it’s not fair that Kevin is not pulling his weight and yet he wants them to take him to the end. Alex thinks Kevin has a deal with everyone. Alex said it’s no surprise that Kevin aligned himself with the strongest players plus with Cody in case they fail. Alex speculated about Kevin’s background. She mentioned he could be lying like Derrick did. She said she doesn’t think he is a gangster, since they would never let one on the show unless they did it to catch him with all of the cameras. Alex threw out an FBI agent, a college professor, or the mayor of Boston as potential occupations for Kevin. Alex said Matt and Raven are using Josh but he knows it. Outside, Kevin asked Paul if the crybabies are getting to him. Paul said it’s getting on his nerves. Kevin said all they do is ask him about last season. Paul said he already played and he is beat since they ask him the same questions over and over. Kevin talked about getting Mark, Elena, Matt and Raven out. Paul said he would keep Raven around because she is not a strong player. Kevin said they can get rid of Cody after Matt, Mark and Elena go. Paul said Cody has to go now, before a double eviction. Paul started talking about how he cannot win the game when he is the only vet. Kevin agreed. Paul said the jury will give the game to the person who has never played before. Kevin again agreed. Paul told Kevin that if they want to get to the end together, they have to keep either Christmas, Josh or Raven around because they will not lose to those people in the Final 3 HoH competition. Paul said a time will come when a group is going to gang up and say he has to go. Paul said he doesn’t think that Alex, Jason or Josh will turn on him. Kevin said Paul has Christmas too. Paul said Christmas would turn on him. Josh then joined them. Paul said he heard from someone that Christmas thinks he is trying to protect Elena. Josh said Christmas was wondering why he spends so much time with Elena. Paul said it’s to do damage control. He said he would not protect someone who immediately threw his name under the bus. Josh brought up that Matt is treated by Paul. Paul said he knows that, which is why he is going to take Matt out. Paul said the order should be Jessica, Cody, Elena and Matt. Josh told Kevin and Paul about Raven saying he owes her after he put her up, even though she volunteered. Paul said Matt and Raven are starting to piss everybody off. Josh said Raven lost him when she started throwing personal attacks at Jessica. Paul said him too.

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