Big Brother 19 Day 46 - Christmas uses the Ring of Replacement; Mark wins PoV

August 5, 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: The have-not reveal took place. There will be no have-nots this week with the except of Elena. Elena went for the have-not temptation last week and picked the wrong box. Mark told Elena he will stay in the have-not room with her this week. Elena said he definitely doesn’t have to do that. She encouraged him to sleep in a normal bed. Kevin told Cody that Josh wasn’t going to make him a have-not, just to mess with him. Cody relayed the information to Jessica. She said said she has no words for that statement. Jessica asked Cody who he will vote to stay if it’s between Mark and Elena. Cody said if the house is targeting one, he will vote for the other just to spite the house. Jessica said she likes that logic. Cody said it’s a lose-lose regardless. Jessica said it’s either someone that makes Cody happy or someone that makes her happy. Cody said they both make them happy. Cody added he wishes that Mark and Elena were more themselves the entire time, seeing as they are in this position regardless. Jessica said she forgot this week might be a double eviction. Cody said it will be a chance HoH then. Jessica expects a true or false. Cody wants an endurance competition. He said to let him terrorize the place. Later, Cody told Mark it was a small victory that Josh didn’t get to select any have-nots. He said it was also a victory that the power to nominate Jessica was taken away from Josh, seeing as she was already the third nominee. Mark said the veto is going to be very interesting. Cody said the house is trying to pit them against each other. They agreed that they are friends no matter what. Mark said he is glad that Cody came back and they got a fresh start.

11:00-12:00 PM: Christmas told Josh that Paul still wants her to use her temptation in order to replace Cody in the veto competition, should he happen to be selected. Josh said he doesn’t want Christmas to use it. Both agreed that it is best not to use it. Josh mentioned he has three targets on the block and she is better off saving it for later. Josh said Christmas should have seen how he outed Elena. Josh said it was epic. He told Christmas that Paul is now saying “I didn’t see it before, but I now I see it” in reference to Elena. Christmas said he keeps saying that. Christmas and Josh discussed letting Paul know ahead of time that she is not going to use her temptation. Christmas doesn’t want Paul to be blindsided. Josh reiterated that he wants Elena out of the house. He said he will tell Paul that he has respected all of his wishes, he has had his back, and that’s not going to change but he wants Elena out.

12:00-1:00 PM: Josh asked Jessica how she is feeling. She said she feels like she has one chance to save herself in the game, and it’s do or die. Josh said Jessica is strong and she has the opportunity to save herself. Josh let Jessica know he would have given Cody that opportunity as well, as he would not have backdoored him. Jessica said she doesn’t want to see anyone on the block this week go home, so it’s a tough week either way. Josh told Jessica he regrets everything that happened between them. Josh assured Jessica that he likes her even though Cody doesn’t like him and he doesn’t understand Cody. Josh told Jessica she has done a great job and he respects that she came at him straightforward. Jessica brought up that Mark and Elena are on the block because they are their friends and aren’t going to ignore them even though they aren’t allies game wise. Jessica said she doesn’t agree with the whole not talking to someone thing, cause she wanted people to talk to her when she was nominated. Josh said he is playing a game and made the decision that he himself wanted to make. Josh brought up that a line was drawn when Cody and Jessica came after him. Josh said Cody wont even speak to him. Jessica said Josh selfishly went for the golden apple on Day 2, betraying his team, and then he attacked a female. Jessica suggested that those are good reasons for Cody not to like Josh. Either way, Josh told Jessica he hopes she understands that the issues between he and Cody do not involve her. Jessica said boys will be boys. After Jessica left the room, Josh spoke to the cameras about how Cody and Jessica are taking things too personally with him. Josh said he wants the veto so he can have control and keep his nominations the same. Josh then spoke to Christmas. He filled her in on his talk with Jessica. Josh said he cannot talk to Cody or Jessica anymore, since he needs people to think that Jessica is his target. Josh told Christmas he does not want her to use her temptation. He said he has three targets on the block. Christmas agreed that it’s best to save it for later. Josh reiterated that he wants Elena out. Christmas suggested that Josh could use the veto on Jessica if he wins it. Josh said he could give his speech to Elena, then pull Jessica off and say he respects that she came for him straightforward. Josh thinks he has Alex, Jason, Christmas and Kevin for votes. He said he will flip Paul. They discussed that Paul is trying to protect Elena since she is not after him. Josh said Mark and Elena are still together even though they are playing it off as though they are not. Christmas said she doesn’t think that Paul sees it. Josh said Paul is blinded by them both.

1:00-2:00 PM: Josh let Paul know he does not want Christmas to use her temptation. Josh explained that he has three targets on the block. He said it’s ideal to use it down the line when it is needed more. Christmas said even the worst case scenario is a good scenario. While Paul said it’s Josh’s HoH and he can do whatever he wants, Paul argued that it’s best for Jessica to go this week. Paul mentioned that Cody and Jessica would be votes against Josh if he makes it to the Final 2, while Elena would make a fair decision. Paul said Jessica is a stronger player as well. Josh disagreed but he said Paul had a good point about the jury votes. Josh insisted that he doesn’t want the temptation used even if Cody is picked to play. Paul said he cannot see a situation where the temptation will be more important to use than right now, the week before jury. Paul said Cody and Jessica will be rattled if it’s used. Paul said Elena is a good backup plan but they should focus on Plan A until they have to go to Plan B. Josh argued that Elena has the ability to sway anyone. Paul said no one is listening to her. Paul said he would like to see the nominations stay the same. Christmas agreed. She said it would be fun to use her temptation, then they can vote however Josh wants. Josh said he doesn’t want it used. Paul said it’s not Josh’s power. Josh said it’s not but he has respected whatever they have asked of him. Josh was called to the diary room to get ready to pick players for the veto competition. Elsewhere, Mark asked Jason if he is the target if Jessica wins the veto. Jason said no. Jason told Mark it would be awesome if he wins the veto and can save himself.

2:00-3:00 PM: Players were picked for the veto competition. Christmas used the Ring of Replacement to replace Cody. The veto players are Josh, Elena, Mark, Jessica, Alex and Christmas. Cody was crying and holding Jessica. He told her she needs to win the veto. Elena told Christmas she is grateful that she used the Ring of Replacement this week. Elena said it helps her chances of staying in the game. Christmas asked that Elena remember this move down the line. While Cody was in the diary room, Kevin told Jessica he will look out for Cody if she goes and she wants him to. Kevin said as long as Cody doesn’t put a certain four people up, they wont put him up at all. Kevin said Mark, Elena, Matt and Raven will try running back to Cody once Jessica leaves. Up in the HoH room, Josh asked Mark to have his back next week. Mark said for sure. Christmas told Jessica the move was not personal. Jessica said it was very personal since Christmas decided to use her gift to get her out of the game, as opposed to using it to save herself in the future. Christmas said she told Jessica exactly what was going to happen if she used the Hex. Christmas told Jessica she needs to learn how to separate game from personal. Jessica said she doesn’t have personal relationships with people who are two faced. Christmas headed up to the HoH room to tell Alex, Josh, Elena and Mark that Jessica said she used her gift to attack her. Christmas said Jessica was basically implying that Mark and Elena aren’t worth saving. Mark asked if Jessica really implied that again. Christmas said she was pissed she used the power to attack her. All of the veto players, aside from Jessica, met in the HoH room to strategize for various competitions. Downstairs, Jessica told Cody that Kevin wants to talk to him to make a deal. Jessica said Kevin wants Cody to join his side, then they will keep him safe for 4-5 weeks. Cody said he is guessing Kevin’s side is Jason and Alex. Jessica said Paul too. Cody said that is not going to happen. Cody said he is always going to be a target, so he is not making deals with anyone. Cody said he will take out whoever he wants. Cody told Jessica he has one chance to win HoH and get someone out before they try to backdoor him.

3:00-4:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, it was being discussed that they can throw Jessica off during the competition. Josh said he does not want anyone stooping to that level by verbally directing anything towards Jessica. Josh said they can get in her way if need be, but he does not want anyone saying anything to Jessica. Raven mentioned that Jessica said she cannot stand when Josh bangs the pots and pans. Paul encouraged Josh to use that information. Josh insisted that nobody do those things during his HoH reign. After everyone cleared the room, Josh told Christmas he is pissed. He said he does not want Mark or Elena to win the win the veto. Josh said they need to ignore whatever strategy was discussed, and gun for the veto themselves. Christmas mentioned that she and Josh will be going up if Jessica wins HoH. Josh said he knows and he wants Jessica out. Josh said he has had it with Matt, Raven and Elena not letting him have any input. He also mentioned that Paul is trying to rile him up but they are not going to play that type of game anymore. Josh asked Christmas to tell Alex to gun for the veto, because he wants nominations to stay the same. Before leaving, Christmas told Josh that Paul has his back. Josh said he knows but he is not going to let Jessica be attacked. Josh then spoke to Alex. He told her he doesn’t care about the strategy that was discussed with the group, because a nominee cannot win the veto. Josh said he wants Elena out. Josh told Alex he is the HoH and he is going to do what he wants. Alex agreed to keep the nominations the same if she wins the veto. Josh pointed out that Cody and Jessica will always be targets ahead of them. He also said Elena was the one controlling how they were going to play the veto competition, as she guided the conversations. Josh said the objective for now is to get Jessica out, but he will switch it up real quick if Elena cracks while on the block. Josh clarified that he doesn’t want anyone attacking Jessica. He said it’s not Paul’s HoH, and he will be going at anyone who attacks Jessica. After Alex left, Josh spoke to the cameras. He said he wants Elena out on his HoH. Josh said he respects Jessica for fighting for her spot, as opposed to Matt and Raven who played it safe for 50 days. Josh said he hopes that he or Jessica win the veto because he wants Elena out so badly. Josh said Paul knows he doesn’t have Cody and Jessica’s jury votes, but he thinks he can win over Jessica’s vote. Josh spoke to Christmas again. He said people are trying to poke him so he gets personal with Jessica, but it’s not going to happen. Josh said those people will sit on the side and not do any of the attacking. Paul joined them. Josh stressed that he does not want anyone attacking Jessica. Paul said there is a strategic way to do things, such as banging pots and pans right now to piss Jessica off. Paul told Josh not to feel sorry for a game. He said nobody is bullying Cody and Jessica.

4:00-5:00 PM: Paul told Josh all of the things he said to Cody were strictly game related. Josh said the same. Paul said he doesn’t need to put Cody down, but he rattles him so he performs poorly. Paul said there is a difference between the two. Josh said he doesn’t want a repeat of the other day. Paul said there won’t be. He told Josh that what happened was due to people being frustrated that Jessica was going to use the Hex and take away their jury spot. At 4:03, feeds went down for the veto competition.

6:00-7:00 PM: Feeds returned following the veto competition. It was OTEV. Mark won the Power of Veto. Christmas offered to go on the block in his place. Josh said he was thinking of nominating Raven. Alex came by. They talked about potentially getting Mark not to use the veto. Christmas went to Paul to say she doesn’t think that Mark is going to use the veto. Christmas explained it will show that Mark is not with Cody and Jessica. Christmas said Jessica has to go this week. Paul said it’s not even up for debate. Mark told Alex, Jason, Kevin and Paul he is going to use the veto on himself. He said it’s not a matter of not trusting them.

7:00-8:00 PM: Josh pulled Mark aside to talk. He said he has an idea but he wants Mark to be comfortable with it. Josh suggested that Mark not using the veto would show people where he stands. Mark said if they all trust each other, whoever goes up should understand. Mark let Josh know he is going to use the veto on himself. Mark said that’s him as a competitor, especially when he is on the block next to Elena. Mark said Cody will be his target next week. Josh asked Mark to have his back if Cody wins HoH. Mark said he doesn’t feel safe with Cody being HoH. Josh said he wants to see Mark do well. Josh told Mark he has been doing a good job of late and people are noticing. Josh told Mark he deserved this and he should pull himself off of the block. In the bedroom, Cody told Jessica he is going to try to eliminate as many people from the running for winning $500,000 as possible. Cody said he is going to start with Matt and Raven. Jessica said she would like to see him take Paul out. Cody said he will try. Cody asked who Paul would have to be on the block next to. Jessica suggested nominating Alex and Raven, then Alex will take herself down and Paul can be nominated next to Raven. Up in the HoH room, Christmas asked what the difference is in Mark being on the block or someone else being on the block. Alex said Mark is showing he doesn’t trust them if he uses the veto. Josh said Mark told him he is there to compete and win. Christmas said Mark did that, but he doesn’t have to use the veto. Josh said he is thinking nominating Matt or Raven. Both Alex and Christmas said they would not put Raven up yet. As for Matt, Christmas said he should be on board since they are in jury.

8:00-9:00 PM: Josh told Christmas to stop saying she will be a pawn, because Raven is going around telling everyone that now. Christmas said Raven inserts herself into everything. Josh said he is sick of her. Christmas told Josh that they should save Raven to be a pawn later when they actually want her out. Christmas told Josh that using the veto is for when you are in danger of going home, which Mark is not. She said Mark needs to see that there is a difference between winning the veto and using the veto. Christmas told Josh to let Mark now that everyone in the house will think that he is working with Cody if he uses the veto. She added that if he wants to be alienated next week, he should use it.

9:00-10:00 PM: Josh told Matt that Mark wants to use the veto. Matt said there is no point. Josh said he doesn’t want to put anyone else up, so he is going to tell Mark to respect his wishes. Matt said they all just made jury and it’s not a good look for Mark to use the veto on himself. Christmas questioned why they even had a strategy to work together in the competition if Mark was going to use it on himself. Matt said it’s 10 on 1 next week if Mark doesn’t use the veto, but Elena and Mark become the easy nominations for next week if he does use it. Matt said he can understand where Mark is coming from. Josh said he can too. Christmas argued that his game is not on the line. Matt said he doesn’t know what using the veto would accomplish. Christmas said it will only help him if he stays on the block. Paul joined them. He told the group that you can’t blame Mark for using the veto when he won it. Raven said she wants to vote Jessica out, but she is willing to go on the block if Mark uses the veto. Josh said he doesn’t want to have to do that. Paul said they can talk to Mark but that’s all that they can do. Matt said Josh can put he or Raven on the block if he needs to nominate someone. Raven said worst case scenario, she goes up next to Jessica and wears the cat ears. Kevin spoke to Paul about cutting a deal with Cody, telling him that they will not put him up if he makes a deal to go after Mark, Elena, Matt and Raven. Paul said Cody will run to the others with that deal. Kevin said Cody told him that he is a man of his word. Paul said they can try that plan if Cody wins HoH, but it’s best not to do it otherwise since he could be gone next week. Josh spoke to Alex and Jason. Jason said to put Christmas up if she volunteered. Josh said she doesn’t want to go up but both Matt and Raven have volunteered. Jason said he would put Matt up then.

10:00-11:00 PM: Paul told Josh he should definitely put Matt up if Mark uses the veto. Christmas said their will be questions about Mark’s allegiance to Cody if he uses the veto. Paul agreed but said it is Mark’s move to make. Christmas said they should not be okay with having to put someone else on the block. Paul said they can’t get mad at Mark for using the veto, considering he already went up as a pawn and then won it himself. Jason said he doesn’t think it’s a big deal. Josh asked if Matt or Raven would really be okay with going up. Paul said they both offered, so call Matt on his bluff. They went back and forth on which one they should nominate. No final decision was made.

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