Big Brother 19 Day 45 - Cody wins safety; Elena, Mark and Jessica are nominated

August 4, 2017

8:00-9:00 AM: Josh told Christmas that whatever they talk about is between the two of them, not Paul. Christmas said she trusts Paul but he has his own motives. Josh told Christmas he wants Elena out. Christmas told Josh there are already people commenting on there being two HoHs because of Paul. Josh told Christmas he doesn’t necessarily want Cody and Jessica to go this week. He said he wont mind if one of them goes home, but he wont care if they save themselves either. Josh said Elena is worrying him a lot and she is locked in with Cody, Jessica, Paul, Matt and Raven. Josh said Elena is a great liar and she is extremely persuasive. Josh used his talk with her last night in the storage room as evidence. Josh said he is locked in on Elena and wants her out. Josh mentioned that Cody and Jessica will still be big targets. Josh revealed that his plan is to backdoor Elena. Josh thinks it is a red flag that Elena dropped her showmance and dropped Cody and Jessica so quickly. Josh said Paul doesn’t see it since it’s good for Paul’s game to have Elena around. Josh said he doesn’t care who Elena is up next to, cause he wants her out. Christmas said it would be hard to convince the house of that. Josh said a red flag for him last night was Paul asking him to go get him water when he was in his HoH room, because he wanted to have the HoH room alone with Elena. Christmas said there is no way Paul can be kicked Josh out of the room. Josh said it only confirmed more why he needs Elena out. Josh pointed out that Mark will be by himself, and Cody and Jessica will remain targets, and they separate Elena from Paul. Josh said he is argument will be that he knew where Cody and Jessica stood, but Elena played him and would not own up to it. Christmas said Josh is going to need more than that. Christmas said the longer that Elena is in the house, the more potent she is. Christmas suggested that Josh have a conversation with Jessica prior to nominations. She said to present it in a way that he has a bigger plan, so trust what he is doing. Josh said if things don’t go as planned, she will throw that in his face. Josh said he knows he will have Alex, Jason and Kevin’s support. Christmas said she would be the fourth vote. Josh said they need one more vote. Christmas told Josh that Cody or Jessica would be the fifth vote if one of them is on the block. Josh said he will tell Paul he did him a favour and went to bat for him, so do him a solid this week. Christmas suggested that Josh tell Jessica he is going to do her a favour to let she and Cody get to jury, so he wants her to do him a solid. They agreed that Elena cannot be put up and Josh cannot take a shot at her unless Josh has the votes. Christmas said they will have the votes as long as either Cody or Jessica are not on the block. Christmas warned Josh that making that move could cause a rift since everyone wants Cody and Jessica out. The two agreed that Jessica has to go if she is on the block with Cody. Christmas said to tell people he hasn’t thought of a replacement nominee. Josh said he will not tell Paul anything.

10:00-11:00 AM: Josh told Jessica he would like to have a conversation with her later. Jessica said okay. There were others around, so they didn’t talk any further. In the bedroom, Kevin spoke to Alex, Jason and Josh. He said if Cody wins the competition, Josh can nominate Elena and Jessica. Kevin said it would be good to have a strong competitor in the veto competition, in case Cody is picked to play. Kevin said Elena would be screwed in that scenario. Kevin said if Cody and Jessica don’t win today, they have nothing to worry about since one of them is going home. Alex said it would be good if someone like her could compete. Kevin asked how she is going to do that. Alex said she would have to finish last in the competition in order for that to happen. They discussed that everyone is planning to compete for safety. Mark came by and said that as long as Cody and Jessica don’t win, they are good. Feeds went down for the Temptation Competition at 10:47.

8:00-9:00 PM: Feeds returned at 8:24 after being down for 9 hours and 37 minutes. Cody won the Temptation Competition. He is safe for the week. Jessica finished in last. She will be the third nominee. Up in the HoH room, Kevin asked Josh if he is nominating Mark and Elena. Josh confirmed that he is. Josh asked Kevin to have his back no matter what happens this week. Paul then spoke to Josh. He said Jessica is the target. When Josh said he isn’t sure, Paul said that’s the right move. Paul told Josh that Elena will come to their side if Jessica is gone. Josh said they can get Cody and Jessica out next week. Paul said no. Josh told Paul to listen to him. He explained that Elena turned on people so quickly, including Mark, Cody and Jessica. Josh suggested that Elena would do the same to them. Paul said she doesn’t have the numbers to do so. Matt came upstairs to ask if Mark and Paul are going up. He said they need to win the veto. Paul said he is not going on the block. Matt left. Paul continued pushing for Jessica to be the target. He said Jessica and Cody are a power duo who win competitions together. He told Josh that Cody wont know what to do if Jessica leaves. Josh said he sees the way that Elena moves. Paul said Josh is wrong. Josh said he is threatened by Elena because she can persuade people. Paul insisted that Jessica has to go. He said Elena threw Mark’s name out there because she has been trying to disassociate from him for weeks. Paul told Josh to think about the jury votes, since Cody and Jessica will never vote for him to win. Paul said he isn’t telling Josh he is wrong about Elena, but Elena is less likely to win than Cody and Jessica. Josh said he knows where Jessica and Cody stand, whereas Elena is playing the middle. Paul left to speak to Elena and Mark. Before leaving, he told Josh he will say he volunteered to be a pawn but Josh had a different plan. Once Paul left the room, Josh spoke to the cameras. He said he wants Elena out. Josh said she will be going home if she is up there with Jessica. Josh said it will take time to persuade but Paul, since Paul is not seeing what he is. Josh mentioned he slept on it and prayed on, and it became clear that Elena has to go. Josh said he doesn’t respect someone playing both sides and lying to his face. Mark made his way upstairs. Josh told Mark his target was Cody, so now Jessica has to go. Josh let Mark know he will be putting him up as a pawn. Mark asked who will be nominated next to him. Josh said Elena. Josh reiterated that Jessica is his target since she and Cody made it clear that they are gunning for him. Mark asked Josh to be honest and let him know if he is not a pawn. Josh said Mark is just a pawn. Meanwhile, Paul told Elena he offered to be a pawn but Josh didn’t want to make that move. Elena said the reason she will be used as a pawn is because she was lied to about the votes last week, which is irritating. Back upstairs, Josh spoke to the cameras again. He said Elena is the glue in the middle, seeing as she is with Matt, Raven, Cody, Jessica, Mark and Paul. Josh mentioned Paul will stop playing with the shady side if Elena leaves. Josh said Elena is going to start throwing names out as soon as he says she is going up because she is a strong competitor.

9:00-10:00 PM: Elena headed up to talk to Josh. She asked if Josh is wanting to use her as a pawn. Josh said yeah. Elena said Josh is the HoH and can do whatever he wants. Josh said Elena is a strong competitor and he needs her to ensure that Jessica doesn’t win it. Elena said Alex and Paul have both competed better than she has, so she wants to know the real reason. Josh said it’s the truth that she is a strong competitor both mentally and physically. Elena said she thinks she is going on the block because of the votes. She pointed out that Josh had told her over and over that she is good, yet now she is a pawn. Elena said there will not be a replacement nominee if Jessica wins the veto, then she is stuck on the block. Elena argued that Josh’s logic goes out the window when Paul offered to be a pawn and he chose not to go that route. Josh asked Elena to give a reason why she thinks he isn’t putting her up as a pawn. Elena said because of her and Mark going rogue with their votes last week. Elena said she has not competed better than the other options, so his reasoning is not adding up when you look at the math involved in it. However, Elena said she is willing to go up to prove that she is down with help the team get Cody and Jessica out of the house.

10:00-11:00 PM: The nomination ceremony took place. Josh nominated Elena and Mark for eviction. In the storage room, Josh told Matt, Raven and Paul he wants Elena out. Paul said not before Jessica. Josh said Elena lied and made him look like a crazy person. Josh told Matt and Raven that Elena dragged Paul’s name, Alex’s name, and threw Matt’s name out there as well. Josh said he is extremely loyal, whereas Elena is extremely disloyal. Josh said he still wants Jessica out but he was shocked how Elena twisted things. Elsewhere, Elena told Paul her conversation with Josh was extremely irritating. Paul tried to calm Elena down. She asked if anyone is happy being on the block. Paul said no but Mark is handling it better than she is. Paul told Elena to pick him if she gets houseguest’s choice. In the bathroom, Josh attempted to speak to Jessica. She told him she cannot deal with his mood swings anymore. Jessica told Josh to pick a mood and stay consistent. Jessica mentioned they had a conversation the other day and seemed to be fine, then Josh went back on it. Jessica told Josh to continue to throw speeches at her if it makes him feel better. Josh said he believes Cody has ruined Jessica’s game. Cody cut in and asked if Josh really thinks Jessica will sit there and let him talk about her boyfriend like that. Both Cody and Jessica told Josh that nothing more needs to be said. Josh said he didn’t make it personal. Jessica said he played an active part in making her miserable the day that her father passed away. She mentioned he threw trash on her during the HoH competition. Jessica said she thought his behaviour during that competition was disgusting, which is what she was referring to in her speech. Josh said it was strategy and was not done with the intent to hurt her. Before the talk wrapped up, Josh reminded Jessica that she still has the chance to take herself off by winning the veto.

11:00-12:00 AM: Cody asked Jessica if she will play her heart out for the veto. Jessica said absolutely. Cody said he needs her there. Jessica said what Josh told her made her think that Mark is his target. However, she said Josh needs the house to be on board with it and she doesn’t think that Josh can persuade people. Jessica said Mark is going home if she wins the veto tomorrow. Meanwhile, Josh told Christmas, Jason, Matt and Raven they need to win the veto and get Jessica out, then they will gun for Cody. Josh told the group he does not want anyone attacking Jessica or Cody. Paul and Alex joined them. Paul said he did major damage control with Elena. Paul said Mark is keeping his cool but Elena is not. Josh said Elena made him look like a liar. Paul said Elena got really defensive and claimed that she didn’t say any names. Paul told Josh he could tell Elena was lying based on his reactions. Paul said Elena and Mark are sketchy. Josh said he is glad that Paul sees it. Paul said it was a good move on Josh’s part to make Elena squirm. Paul said Mark and Elena have to go, but after Jessica and Cody are gone. Alex then spoke to Josh. She told him not to let Jessica get to him. She mentioned that Jessica is using psychological warfare. Alex was not happy that Jessica brought her father into it. Alex said she could destroy Jessica if she brought in a story from her own personal life, but it’s a game and she is not going to do that. Josh spoke to Alex and Jason about the plan for the week. Josh said he would like them to leave the nominations the same if they win the veto. Josh said he wants something to stay between the three of them. He then revealed that he wants Elena out this week. He explained that Cody and Jessica are isolated and that is not going to change, while Elena is in the middle. Josh said they will not be targeted if Cody and Jessica stay. Josh added that Elena dumped her showmance and her best friends, so she will do the same thing to them. Alex argued that having Jessica and Cody in jury together is not good for their games. Josh said Elena wont vote for him either. Alex told Josh she will respect his decision this week, but they should let the week play out first. Josh agreed. In the APSR, Kevin spoke to Paul about the possibility of using Cody. Paul didn’t think it would ever work. Kevin said he can talk to Cody and get him to not come after them if he wins HoH. If Cody doesn’t win, they both agreed that Cody has got to go.

12:00-1:00 AM: Up in the HoH room, Josh spoke to the cameras. He said Elena lost it when she was told that she was going up as a pawn. Josh said he wants Elena out more than he wants Cody out, even though he personally does not like Cody. Josh said Jessica also has to go since she is playing Cody’s game. For this week, Josh said Elena has to go. Downstairs, Paul told Alex and Jason that Elena is already digging her own grave. Paul said they can put her up next to Mark again next week, then backdoor Cody. Paul suggested going after Matt before Mark. Jason agreed. Paul asked who they should target if Jessica wins the veto. Both Alex and Jason said Elena.

1:00-2:00 AM: Christmas let Jessica know she thought Josh’s intention was to have a positive conversation. She said she didn’t want to set her up for something else. Jessica thought so too. She said that’s why she was so surprised by Josh’s speech. Jessica said she doesn’t know if Josh has some sort of alternate plan where she is not the target, but she doesn’t know if he can swing that even if it is the case. Jessica told Christmas she will fight her hardest to win the veto tomorrow. In the bathroom, Elena and Josh discussed their conversation from earlier. Josh clarified that he wasn’t trying to say Elena threw Paul’s name under the bus. Elena made it clear that she was not suggested anyone else be a nominee ahead of her, but rather that Josh’s logic didn’t make sense when numerous people are better competitors than she is. Josh claimed he literally repeated what Elena had said to him. Elena said she is not mad about it but she feels that Josh misunderstood her.

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