Jason Decides Not To Use The PoV

After constantly changing his mind all weekend, Jason was forced to make a decision at the veto ceremony. He left the noms the same. Full Story.

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Paul And Dom Go Head To Head

After Paul heard that Dominique was implying that he is a snake, Paul called her up to the HoH room to confront her. Full Story.


Jason Wins The Power Of Veto

Just hours after Alex nominated Dominique and Jessica, Jason won the Power of Veto. He plans to use it on Jessica. Full Story.


Alex Wins HoH

After Cody was evicted by a vote of 7-3-0, Alex went on to win HoH. She discussed nominating Jessica. Full Story.


Dom's Talk Show Leads To Drama

After Dominique's interview with Cody invovled a lot of game related questions, her allies questioned her. Full Story.


Cody Is The Replacement Nom

After Paul used the Power of Veto on Josh. Paul then went on to nominate Cody as the replacement nominee. Full Story.


Paul Wins The Power Of Veto

After winning HoH and putting a plan in place to backdoor Cody, Paul came a step closer to making that a reality. Full Story.


Alex, Josh and Ramses Are Nominated

Paul nominated Alex and Josh for eviction. Ramses nominated himself as the third nominee. Cody remains the target. Full Story.


Morgan Willett Exit Interview

After Morgan won Big Brother: Over The Top, we got the chance to speak to her about her win over Jason. Full Story.


Jason Roy Exit Interview

Following his loss to Morgan, we got the chance to speak to Big Brother: Over The Top runner-up Jason Roy. Full Story.


Morgan Willett Wins BBOTT

After making it to the Final 3 alongside Jason and Kryssie, Morgan was crowned the winner of BBOTT. Full Story.


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